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The company was established in 1995. Our manufacturing facility is located in the south-east of Poland, in Wielopole Skrzyńskie, and employs over 190 people.
The dynamic expansion of our operations has led us to a position of a recognised manufacturer of plywood pressed profiles and, recently, we have widened our product line by chairs the construction of which is based on bent and glued components.

We are the manufacturer of:

- pressed plywood profiles for making chairs, upholstered arm-chairs and varnished pressed plywood profiles
- bent and glued components (skids, arm-rests, legs)
- ready-made furniture containing bent and glued components
- we also design and make moulds and processing equipment which is necessary to manufacture products for individual orders
We are open to taking up difficult technological and logistic challenges; we have modern machinery and perfectly prepared technical staff. Our products are made of ecologically pure.
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